Kamar Kelly Bars and Spare Parts

Kamar Kelly Bars and Spare Parts

Kamar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in design, manufacturing and selling of Kelly bar for construction rotary drilling rigs in India & Overseas.


Kamar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in design, manufacturing and selling of Kelly bar for construction rotary drilling rigs in India & Overseas. Kamar Infra has been providing quality friction and interlocking Kelly bars for all types of foundation drilling rigs in the market. We can also supply our worldwide customers with Kelly bars that are ideally tailored to your needs with the highest quality and competitive price. We are confident we would be a vital business partner to your construction drilling needs.

KAMAR INFRASTRUCTURE PVT LTD is a high-tech and comprehensive enterprise integrating a set of rotary drilling rig KELLY BAR manufacturing.

Kelly bar is the key part of a drilling machine, and its quality directly affects the performance of the whole machine. The main purpose of Kelly bar is to transfer the torque of rotary drive and crowd pressure of the crowd system to the drilling tool. Based on the rich manufacturing experience and by absorbing the advanced technology, we can produce first-class Kelly bar which can be compared favorably with the imported ones. KAMAR is a highly specialized manufacturer of telescopic Kelly bars to be applied to any type of piling rig available in the market.

Our company is based on the ''conduct myself faithfully, concentrate on work'' as the principle, based on the spirit of "customer-oriented" service attitude, and '' honesty, pioneering, innovative and pragmatic'' as the business management philosophy. Aiming to continue to promote improvement of piling rig Kelly bar processing technology, improve the product quality. We strive to provide customer with the first-class management, advanced manufacturing technology, professional maintenance technology and after-sale service, and hope to be best cooperation partner with all the rotary piling rig customers.

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Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability are at the basic of the philosophy of our Kelly bars. The high quality steels and components together with quality system ISO 9001 make our Kelly bars have the highest real working time and performance. The Kelly bars wouldn’t be broken and twisted if all the instructions of operation and maintenance are strictly followed.

The features of Kamar Kelly Bar are as follows:

  • 5 fold telescopic construction for a depth range from 15 - 100 m.
  • Our kelly bar tubes imported from Mannesmann, Germany suppliers to OEM’s like Bauer, Casagrande, Mait, IMT etc.
  • Special hot-treatment enhances the material’s strength more than 800Mpa, torque transfer capacity 120 - 480 kNm.
  • All other material locks and wear-resistant drive rails imported from EUROPE . (accordingly with rotary sleeve).
  • All the outer keys have undergone special heat treatment; therefore, they possess higher hardness, higher flexibility and excellent welding properties, which provide higher abrasion resistance to the keys.
  • Robust Terminal joints, that are the terminal part of each telescopic pipe, provided to transfer torque and crowd force to the kelly bar.
  • Designed according to advanced Modular-element principle with six ribs laid on tubes.
  • The advantages of our Kelly bar, such as low weight, high strength, high abrasion-resistance, high-reliability are safeguarded by technologically.
  • Bottom shock absorbers (spiral or discs type)
  • Superior process, advanced machining equipment's and special fixtures.
  • All Kelly bars are available in interlocking, friction and partially lockable.
  • Version Length, Kelly stub and Kelly dimension can be on request.
  • Complete model series and flexible design and manufacture ensure the ability to supply Kelly bar to match with any model of drilling rigs worked.