Modular Barge

Modular Barge

Z Makina Teknolojisi A.S. started to manufacture Spud Barges as used our many yeared experience


Modular Barge

These Spud Barges can use drilling, made-up ground, piling etc. because Spud Barges applications area is too huge and we are providing our clients all needs with this application.

Spud Barges can setting up on the water (sea or lake etc.) due to its special design and its provide easy application. It has special locking system in this way our application used easy and more safety.

Special advantages;

  • Its montage is too easy.
  • Its transportation is easy because manufacture dimensions are same container sizes and you can fit it container easily.
  • It can be maximized and minimized.
  • You can montage it on the water and its big advantage for this application.
  • You can add feet our Spud Barge and so it can be Jack-up Spud Barge.
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