Bentonite Plant

ZMB 150

  • Product Name Bentonite Plant

ZMB 150-S

Operator Cabin

ZMB 150-S has an operator cabin which allows wide and comfortable working conditions. The working efficiency under hot conditions is increased by 7.000 BTU air conditioner mounted in cabin and by the isolation material on walls.

Remote Control Panel

Operator can control all the functions of ZMB 150-S by the panel board, can read the capacity of mixer from the indicator and can see the possible faults again by the warning lights on the panel. All valves on ZMB 150-S are pneumatic and can be controlled by the remote control panel.

Water Tank

ZMB 150-S has a water tank of 2.5 m mounted on it. By the sensors in the water tank, it opens entrance pneumatic valve when the water level decreases and automatic water filling is ensured.

Electronic Weighter System

The weight in mixer can be read from display by the load-cells placed on the jambs of mixer by 120º angle.

Other Advantages

Because ZMB 150-S is full automatic controlled, it can prepare bentonite very fast by just only one person. Saving from time and manpower is ensured. It does not need another silo or conveyor by ZSB 20 with 25 tons capacity which can be mounted on it.

ZSB 20

  • Can be mounted over ZMB 150-S.
  • It does not require bentonite reinforcement for a long period by its high capacity of 25 tons.
  • Prevents bentonite compression possible to occur inside silo by two vibro engines and by two air inlets.
  • By the screw conveyor at base, the transfer of bentonite inside silo to the mixer is performed without the requirement of another conveyor.
Mixer Capacity lt 700
Mixing Time min 4
Pomp Capacity m3/h 150
Power kW 15
Water Tank Capacity lt 2500
Compressor bar 8
Compressor Tank Capacity lt 100
Water Pump lt/min 90
Weight kg 4900
Dimension mm 6000x2400x2600
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