Cintac 15

Cintac 15



Featuring a large touch screen with a graphical and intuitive interface, its use extends from the measurement and recording of parameters pressure, flow, volume, to the control of pumps, the regulation of pressure and flow, the control / monitoring of complex instructions.

The CINTAC can control and manage up to 12 pumps.

Type of measurements

  • Smoothened / instant pressure
  • Flow / Volume
  • Recording function of time / events
  • Sleeves profiles (numbered, rating sizes, ...)
  • Events described by the operator
  • External events captured (lifting, ...)



  • Simple switching manual / controlled
  • Regulations on / off
  • Automatic proportional regulations of pressure / flow

(The pump must be equipped with proportional valves)



  • Safety pressure fixed / variable
  • Schedules absolute or by depth units
  • Stop on limits:
    • schedule reference volume
    • schedule reference pressure (and hold time)
    • GIN
    • minimum flow
  • Hold on or refusal / automatic retries.
  • Subjection to the instructions of pressure / flow:
    • fixed
    • time-varying (GIN)
    • split into temporal phases